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Gamification Strategy

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the science and art of enhancing the customer journey with precision integration of game elements to engage with your customer.


A Post-Positivist Social Science

You can't un-experience a game!

Rooted in the science of game design, Gamification is a post-positivist social science due to its reactive interaction on behavior.  Gamification is more than just turning something into a game. PM Orchard applies game-design elements and thinking to engage with your customers. Here are some of the major components which can immediately create an impact within a customer journey:

The Player

Games not only understand who the player is, but players commonly adopt avatars to participate. Understanding the player and their role also allows for personalization and direct communication with your customers.

The Environment

Analysis and designing the environment in which the player will interact can be critical. Players can take on different personality traits based on the environment they are in. For example, your own play behavior may vary between Call of Duty and Tetris.

Feedback Loops

How does the player know they are winning? This is one of the common breaking points in a customer journey when the feedback is not there. 
A perfect example is adding a feedback element like a progress bar to a survey increases the completion rate.

The Mission

What is the call to action? Is there a clear path for the player, or have you sent them on an epic quest with no instructions or map? Understanding your purpose increases the likelihood you will complete the mission.

Engaging the Senses

Humans learn and interact multidimensionally. Games include elements of sound, lighting, vibration, various forms of communication mediums to engage with your senses. These elements are often overlooked in a non-game environment yet are essential in game design.

The Right Elements

True loyalty can only be achieved if the elements motivate The Player in the context of The Environment to complete The Mission. Game elements like points, badges, and levels are commonly used to engage with customers, but they may not always produce true loyalty if they don't match the game.


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