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Gamification Methodology


The first step with any project is to define and understand the goals, identify problems, and develop intentions and expectations. In the discovery process, we will uncover and define the needs, opportunities, and scope.


This step is where we do a deep dive. Understand your company, your competitors, and understand the environment.

Define the Mission

What is the call to action? Is there a clear path for the player, or have you sent them on an epic quest with no instructions or map? Understanding your purpose increases the likelihood you will complete the mission.

Design the Customer Journey

Together we will create customer journeys, evaluating the process for effectiveness and engagement. Additionally, we will begin to design the ideal customer journey for your product/service.

Identify Player Personas

Players and customers take on different roles based on their environment. This is where we can identify current player personalities, and define the game elements which work with those traits.

Design the Customer Experience

This is where we start to put the puzzle pieces together. Defining the emotions and engagement experience for the customers.

The Right Elements

Success is achieved if the elements motivate The Player in the context of The Environment to complete The Mission.

Test UX

All scientific methodologies should be testable and replicable. This is the true measure of success.

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